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Business Opportunity

If you are looking to start up a business in Wales, why not think about a driveway cleaning business? The marketplace is massive as more and more people look for ways to keep their driveways and patios in good condition.

You may already be in business and may want to add to the services you already provide. We are getting increasing numbers of enquiries from people who are looking to diversify in this way.

A driveway cleaning and sealing business can be very profitable in a short space of time. There are many people making over £50,000 per year cleaning and sealing driveways across the UK. If you are prepared to dedicate time and effort, these sort of earnings could be yours. The start up costs are relatively low compared to other businesses and the income potential is entirely up to you.

We work closely with Smartseal, market leaders for block paving sealants to provide individuals and existing companies with comprehensive business start up packages for paving refurbishment.

For more information on how Smartseal can help YOU a start up in the driveway cleaning business click here or call 0800 988 0348.